Monday, 14 October 2013

Sorry... :'(

Hey everyone..well I am so sorry for not posting blog posts I was just so busy uploading- I didn't have time for another thing :'( but I am going to try post a blog post one a week (hopefully :P) So if you guys have any suggestions on what you would like me to write about then just leave me a comment and I will be SURE to read and reply so thank you for you're time and see ya'all soon ;)

Love Roisin, xoxo 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My YouTube Story ❤

Hey guys! Welcome to my new blog- Beauty Chapters! 

So I want to start off by saying my name is Roisin! 
I am from Ireland and I have an obsession with everything beauty/fashion related :) 

My channel before I got in to beauty was a gymnastics channel...lets just say it was a total fail :( So I just went back to watching videos for a while!

I first got in to makeup when I started watching beauty videos on YouTube. I watched macbarbie07 the most! I learned so much from all the beauty gurus. It made me really want my own YouTube channel..!

So my name on YouTube is msgyma1- ms (as in title)  gym (as in gymnastics) a1 (randomly) For some reason I never made a new channel with a beauty name when I started a new beauty channel?! 

But I uploaded my first video on December 9th 2012!
I know have 161 subscribers and even though that's not a lot I am very proud! :D    

Thanks for reading! Please Follow my blog :D 

See you next time- Roisin, xoxo <3